FIFA iSport Liga – Offline Final #2

18. June 2019

Second Offline Final of the biggest FIFA tournament ever hosted in the Czech Republic was hosted in Generali Arena in Prague. Over 500 visitors came to support their favorite players and watch a showmatch with our founder Jakub Jankto who played against a professional FIFA19 player from AC Sparta Praha eSports – Emerickson.

Showmatch: Jakub Jankto vs. ACS. Emerickson

This was the first streamed match of the whole tournament and , in fact, the only one not played in FUT. Jakub Jankto came into it as a big outsider since he is not a professional player. However, he had plenty of big chances and kept up well with Emerickson. The score was 0-0 until 83rd minute when Emerickson took a 1-0 lead which he kept until the end of the match. Still, the result was quite surprising for most of the spectators. Jakub Jankto admitted in the interview afterwards that he still plays 3-4 matches of FIFA almost every single day after retiring from professional gaming back in 2014 due to real football career in Italy.

Statement by Jakub Jankto

“Super well organized tournament in Letna, Prague. This time, the main tournament didn´t go that well for our colours, however I am confident in RIIJK´s ability to come back in the next one and end up on the podium. His opponents were closer together in skill than in the first event by iSport. Anyway I am happy that gaming is rapidly progressing in the Czech Republic. People were unbelievable and I believe that there will be more fans in the next event. Perhaps a 4-digit number.”

Stepan “RIIJK” Sobocki in the main event

The tournament started off pretty well for RIIJK. In the groupstage, he ended up on second place with a score of 11:10. Match results: RIIJK 7-3 MSG. Rozsi, RIIJK 1:4 Alza. Huhnak, RIIJK 3:3 FCVP T9Laky.

In the play-off, RIIJK´s first and last opponent was Doli2000 who showed an amazing comeback after being down 0-1. He took match 2 and 3 and advanced into the semi-finals of the tournament. That, unfortunately, meant that RIIJK was out of the tournament and went home on 5-8th place.

Statement from Stepan “RIIJK” Sobocki
“The tournament ended up being a disappointment for me. After a decently played group stage, where the first place was just a few minutes away, I had to face Doli2000 in the first play-off round. He adapted to tough conditions on Letna better than I did and sent me home.”