EKI at NHL20 Launch in New York

8. September 2019

EA Sports organized the biggest EA NHL Launch Event ever, held in New York City. Only a few selected professional players, together with real-life NHL hockey stars and influencers, were invited over to celebrate this special occasion as the new game was being introduced to the world. One of the VIP guests was none other than the very own Erik “EKI” Tammenpaa, one of the best players to ever play NHL and the most profitable player to date.

The event was held in Sony Square Studios NYC and was hosted over 4 days period. Day 1 consisted of hands-up gameplay content capture for selected content creators. EKI was able to stream the game on his Twitch channel. Day 2 was the most productive day. A showmatch between two legendary real-life NHL stars Arttu Lindeman and Mika Zibanejad was played in front of the crowd and stream, as well as eSports featured athletes played squad battle contests. The remaining 2 days were open to the public. EKI, as well as Team Sampi, will be featured in NHL20 HUT Squad Battles, which is a huge thing for us. We would like to thank EA Sports for adding us to the game, it truly is an honor.

  • “The event was so much fun I think this was the most fun I’ve had in the US. Hanging out with amazing dudes and in great facilities. Got to start my grind in NHL 20 and play a lot of games as well! Loved the experience overall!” 

You can watch EKI´s first experience with full version of NHL20 on XBOX in this video below. The first PS4 proper gameplay, which was streamed live from the event in NYC, can be found here.