EKI in Washington Capitals vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

28. March 2019

March 19th, our NHL19 player Erik ‘’EKI’’ Tammenpää traveled once again to the USA. This time to represent Washington Capitals in the NHL19 show match against Tampa Bay Lightning.

The show match was played in a special 3v3 game mode. The three players representing team Washington Capitals were Justin ‘’Regs84’’ Reguly, Joshua ‘’Joshfearless’’ D’Eri and Erik ‘’EKI’’ Tammenpää. The players had earned the spot after playing in the Washington Capitals own EVENT  back in February. An event where ‘’EKI’’ finished 2nd. Players representing Tampa Bay Lightning were johnwayneee90, Kriketsi17 and xDoumi.

In the first match of Best-of-five series, ’EKI‘’ with his team Washington Capitals took home the win with a score of 5-4. Both second and third game ended up 5-2 in favour of Washington Capitals and that was the end of the show match. EKI, Regs84 and THEY_SPEAK_OF_ME got rewarded with a custom made controllers after winning the show match.

Statement from Erik ‘’EKI’’ Tammenpää:

‘’It felt awesome. It’s always nice to get new experiences and to play with/against those great guys at Capital One Arena and get to watch Capitals Lighting game live was amazing. I just hope other NHL teams will allow EUs in future tournaments. Tough to watch so many big tournaments from home especially when I know I can succeed there but I can´t attend just because I’m from Finland.’’