EKI talks about NHL20

14. October 2019

It has been over a month since the new version of NHL was released. After asking our FIFA players how do they like their new title, we decided to also interview our NHL powerhouse Erik “EKI” Tammenpaa. He has been in the inner circle of people outside EA who got the unreleased demo and gave feedback to the developers about things that needs to be changed. Also, he attended the official launch even of NHL20 in New York City. Is he satisfied with the final product? Why does practice on 2 consoles instead of one?

Q1) How do you like NHL20 so far? Rate it 1-10 (10 is best)

“I give it 7,5/10. NHL 20 is the best NHL on the next gen consoles but there are still so many thing to improve on. My biggest problems are the servers, players can dodge you in HUT where the GWC is played as well, menus. Gameplay is going in the right direction.”

Q2) What are the biggest changes from 19?

“Shooting/Passing animations, smoothness of the gameplay. Bigger skill gap.”

Q3) One thing you like and dislike the most? And why?

“I like the skill gap the most in the game, the game rewards good players better than ever. You won’t feel like you got f*cked over that often 😂 And like I said earlier I dislike the dedicated servers and that you can dodge players.”

Q4) HUT Squad Battles – how do you like it? You were featured in one, how did that feel?

“The HUT squad battles idea is really good and It’s a nice future to the game. I personally can’t play the mode because I don’t enjoy playing the CPU.”

Q5) Do you know how much time did you put into the new game already?

“Impossible to say. Maybe about 4-5 hours a day on average, sometimes more sometimes less.”

Q6) How is your streaming going?

“Really good. I’m getting amazing support and my goal is to keep improving the stream and stream a lot the whole year. ”

Q7) What is your opinion about the 6v6 mode?

“The most improved mode this year in my opinion. Like in versus the skill gap is really high and the game rewards good teamwork and skillful players better than ever.”

Q8) Are there any tournaments that you plan to attend in the near future?

“No 1vs1 Tournaments have been announced to Europeans yet (waiting on those). The IS cup 4 6vs6 tournament LAN Semi-finals & Finals are played @ GameXpo 15-16.11.”

Q9) What is your opinion about the current eSports scene of NHL?

“It’s going in the right direction! Personally I just would love all the NHL teams to include Europeans in tournaments and not forget us.”

Q10) Why are you playing on 2 consoles at the same time?

“I’m playing on both consoles because of the Gaming World Championships are played on both consoles and in HUT. Because of that I need to grind on both consoles, so when the time comes I will have my teams in best position possible. It takes a lot of time but also improves me as a player.”

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