FIFA travels to Munich for a 2v2 tournament

5. July 2019

On Sunday 7th of July, Sampi.FIFA will travel to Munich, Germany for a 2v2 tournament organized by ISPO Digitize. Since our roster only consists of 3 players, therefore one guest will join us for this particular event with a prizepool of €2.400.

Sampi.Czech Republic – Štěpán “RIIJK” Sobocki & Lukáš “DiDa” Černý

Statement of Lukáš “DiDa” Černý:

“This will be the first 2v2 tournament with RIIJK under the Sampi flag. I strongly believe that we are capable of reaching TOP3 and that´s what we will try to do. The best scenario would be to meet our Bulgarian brothers WickyBG and Respol in the grand final since they will play in this tournament as well. We will definitely not underestimate our training and we will do our very best to perform on our best level.”

Statement of Štěpán “RIIJK” Sobocki

“This tournament format of 2v2 isn´t very common in professional FIFA, however both me and DiDa have some experience with it. This will be my first international event under Sampi and that boosts my motivation to succeed.”

Sampi.Bulgaria – Stanislav “WickyBG” Chakarov & Tihomir “Respol” Kolev

Statement of Stanislav “WickyBG” Chakarov

“That tournament will be something new for me in FIFA 19. I almost have no any 2on2 matches on this version of FIFA, but as always I will do my best because I am always playing for the win. When you have a partner you need to change a bit your style if you want to play good. For the moment I have 2 offline tournaments for Sampi and 2 finals, but now it will be much more difficult because 2on2 is much different compared to 1on1. I hope that once again we will make good results offline!”

Statement of Tihomir “Respol” Kolev

“First of all I would like to say thank you so much, Team Sampi for that opportunity to be able to play in that tournament. 2on2 is one of my favourite things in FIFA, I love to play it and considering that my teammate will be WickyBG – one of my best friends and one of the best FIFA players in the world – thats amazing. We know good each other as players so these are prerequisites for a good tournament. We will do our best.”

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