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Giant Cup

22. September 2018

On September 28th, our TrackMania team will travel to Paris to attend their first offline event ever – Giant Cup. With 115 participants already registered, it is safe to say that this is going to be the most crowded tournament of 2018. The world’s best players will compete throughout the whole weekend for a prize-money of €3000.


We asked our players about their preparation and state of mind going into the event.

Martin “Kappa” Krompolc
“The time is ticking on and I already cannot wait for the upcoming LAN adventure. I feel better and better after every signle training session and I feel good and ready to fight for the top positions once again!”

 Marek “tween” Pacher
“I view the 2018 edition of the Giant Cup as a chance to prove myself. Recently joining Team Sampi gives my practice an additional spark and I hope I will show that. It’s also great to try performing under the highest stakes at a LAN just a month before the biggest event of the year.”

Rick “Dutchy” Jaspers
“It is time to show team Sampi what I am capable off in the upcoming Giant Cup. The timing of this cup is not ideal since I am still training for TMPL and have to drive a match in the same week as GC. But in any way I will be prepared enough to battle everyone for the victory. I am also looking forward to meet new players and my new teammembers. Hopefully we can have a nice drink on sunday evening with one of us taking first price”

Koen “MathiCs” Wuite
“I hope I again can prove that I belong with the 16 best tech players in the Giant Cup, even though TMPL prevented me from being fully trained. I think that all TMPL players have the same issue, thus I expect a cup with very close matches and where anyone in the professional part of the cup can make a deep run.”

Benjamin “Kronos” Suzenne
‘ll be in GC this weekend, and it will not be as a spectator. I have a title to defend and I know that the adversity and the biggest stars of TrackMania will be there. I hope to back off , to show my best level and take maximum pleasure to keep my good. Play is in our DNA!”