Team Sampi

Introducing Karel Schneider

1. October 2019

We are thrilled to introduce Karel Schneider, a new member of our management team. Karel will operate as a scout and event coordinator. We have asked him a couple of questions for you to get to know him a bit.

Hello and welcome, Karel! Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what will your job in Sampi be? 

“Hello, and thank you for your warm welcome. My name is Karel Schneider. I am 20 years old. I study civil engineering at the university in Prague. Moreover, I still chase my dream of being a pro football player. I am going to operate as a scout, event coordinator, and I will communicate, take care of the players.”

What motivates you to work with us? 

“In the best way I can, I want to help in building a big organization that will have roots in Prague. I think this is a massive opportunity for myself, that will give me much experience in my future goals and dreams.”

What is your eSports background?

“I haven’t played any games on a professional level. The only eSports background is watching eSports since Season 2 World Championship in League of Legends. Sadly I have to say that I have never been to an eSport game. It would be a dream come true to attend an eSport match.”

You are a semi-professional football player. Do you think that you can apply your sports experience in this job? 

“For sure, I can. I think that eSports isn’t much different from football or other sports. In both, athletes have to work hard to get better. I think it will make many things easier for me, for example communicating with the players, their needs. I believe that from my own experience, I know what I disliked and on the other hand, what I liked when someone was taking care of me as a football player.”

Which field of gaming are you interested in the most?

“As I mentioned, I watch eSports for a long time. Mainly I watch League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and sports games like FIFA and NHL. When I have some days off, I play NBA, Dark Souls and I love Uncharted 4. Nowadays I am starting to fall in love with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.”

Have you seriously competed in any games?

“In football, I compete a lot. I am quite successful in football, so I know how to compete at the highest level. However, regarding gaming, I have never competed in games. I always played just for fun and for my satisfaction. Usually, I competed only with my brother, or friends in who is better in FIFA.”

What is your opinion about eSports in general?

“Esports, in general, has a bright future. I think that professional players have to work as hard as the players running on the field or skating on the ice. Esports players have to train for many hours, and so do professional football players. There isn’t much of a difference to me.”

What do you think about eSports in the Czech Republic?

“In the Czech Republic, eSport isn’t still at the pro level. Many organizations act like professional gaming teams, but they aren’t. For me, a professional organization is what Sampi is going to become very soon.”

What are your hobbies besides gaming?

“There is almost no time left for me besides gaming, studying, and training. When I have some time left, I usually read, go out with my friends or chill with my girlfriend. I am trying to improve myself as an individual in every aspect I can.”