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Kappa qualifies for TMGL Finals in Paris

30. September 2019

Trackmania Grand League is an official tournament run by Trackmania developers from Ubisoft NADEO with a combined prizepool of €20.000. Since February 2019, the best players in the world competed in 10 League and 5 Playoff races with one common goal. To make it into TOP4 and qualify for the Grand Final which will traditionally be hosted at Paris Games Week on the first weekend of November. Martin “Kappa” Krompolc will have a chance to defend his world champion title from 2018 as he just qualified himself for the event.

Kappa had quite a hard time during the League phase. After 10 races, he finished at 8th place which was the very last place to secure him a spot in the Playoffs. Then, he had dropped to the loser bracket in the first Playoff match against CarlJr, Scrapie and Papou. He then could not afford another loss since he would have been out of the tournament. Kappa was determined to make it to Paris and put everything into training. He won his first loser bracket match against Bren, Rollin and Scrapie in a very convincing fasion. It came to the consolidation final match where it was make it or break it. TOP2 meant qualifying for the Grand Final at Paris Games Week, 3rd or 4th meant the end in the tournament. Experience and pressure handling decided this match against 2 former champions Pac and Spam and Zerator Cup winner Bren. After a close fight with Pac, Kappa managed to win it in his first finalist round and will have a shot at becoming the champion in Paris.

“The match didn’t start in the best fashion as I only finished twice out of 5 rounds on the first, rather random, track. Despite the shaky beginning, I managed to maintain my focus and started playing quickly and consistently enough to occupy the first position very soon. In the end it was me and Pac reaching the finalist status at the same time and I was the one with the strongest nerves to finish it off in the first attempt, while he had got stuck as “finalist” for 8 rounds and got eliminated. I’m quite happy with my performance which has improved since the first play-off game, but there’s still room for improvement, because every unforced error will punished big time in the grandfinal game. I will definitely travel to Paris with my head up!”