Kappa wins MAN vs. MAN WINTER 2019

4. February 2019

Last weekend, the most prestigious 1v1 tech event of winter was hosted in TrackMania. Martin ‘’Kappa’’ Krompolc proved once again that he’s one of the best, if not the best, TrackMania player at the moment.

The MAN vs. MAN WINTER 2019 gathered some of the very best players in the game, along with some of the most promising talents. Would the best still be the best? Or would some up and coming talents take the chance and prove that they can beat the players who attended to the world championships. 52 players had signed up to the event, but only 16 would make continue after the time attack seedings.

Martin ‘’Kappa’’ Krompolc won the time attack seeding, and already then made it clear – if you wanna be the winner of MAN vs. MAN, you have to beat the current world champion.

The player who took 2nd in the time attack seeding was the german player ‘’DexteR’’. Who together with ‘’Kappa’’ is one of the 16 qualified players in the TrackMania Grand League. ‘’OmnipotZ’’ took 3rd, ‘’DanikB’’ took 4th and our own player Marek ‘’tween’’ Pacher finished 5th in the time attack seeding.

Our own Marek ‘’tween’’ Pacher came short against ‘’DanikB’’ in the quarterfinal.

The top 2 from the seedings also proved to be the strongest in the semi finals. ‘’Kappa’’ and ‘’DexteR’’ both won their semi finals 2-0, and went in to the grand final without having lost a single map leading up to it. Everything was set for a perfect final. Would the last man standing be the world champion, or would the up and coming talent take the chance and make a statement?

Those, who believed that ‘’Kappa’’ would start relaxing and taking this game easier after winning the TrackMania World Championship 2018, were proven wrong in the very first tech event of 2019. ‘’Kappa’’ took home the Grand Final 2-0, and ended MAN vs. MAN with the perfect score – having lost 0 maps.

Statement from Martin ‘’Kappa’’ Krompolc:
“Starting 2019 off in a good way was important for me to validate my position in the scene after winning the World cup in late 2018. And I am so glad I managed to perform on a very high level in both TrackMania Grand League qualis and MAN vs. MAN despite the amount of training I could put into them. I give credit to the Hockolicious hunting session for that, which made me survive the little winter break in top shape. I entered MAN vs. MAN with a solid win in the time attack seeding which benefited me by playing rather weaker/less trained opponents in the first two matches. Although both semi and grand final matches were big tasks as DanikB and DexteR were arguably playing on top of their game, but I managed to be the more consistent guy in both of them and took the tournament victory. Definitely looking forward to the next edition!”


Written by Eirik Holdal