Sampi celebrates 1 year anniversary

1. September 2019

One year ago, Jakub Jankto decided to follow his biggest passion besides football and form a new eSports organization with a name of Team Sampi. Since day 1, he had a crystal clear vision and high ambitions for the team. Let´s make a throwback and review what Team Sampi had achieved in the first year of existence.

Jakub Jankto – Founder & CEO

  • “This first year was very difficult but very successful at the same time. We have accomplished some achievements in local and worldwide events. I am glad that I´ve been able to travel to some and experience the atmosphere myself. We know where we made mistakes and we will work on fixing them for the next year. A bright future is ahead of us, if we will continue in the current rhythm, I am sure that Sampi will bring home a lot of great achievements. We managed to establish the team, which was the fundamental challenge at the beginning. I would like to thank all the players and other people involved in the project. Wait for 2020, it will be spectacular!”

September 2018 

The first month at the eSports scene could not start any better. Our Trackmania team went to Paris, France to play the prestigious Giant Cup and tween was able to win it in a big fashion. His performance at this tournament was later nominated for “Trackmania performance of the year” award.

October 2018 

This has been, so far, the most successful month up to date. Our former Rocket League team won the MČSR in Prague, Czech Republic (Czech and Slovak Championship). Our NHL players EKI and Artuzio placed 2nd and 3rd in KSC Cup 1 in Tampere, Finland. Later on, EKI qualified for the second edition of the tournament and took home silver medal again.

However, the biggest sensation came at the very end of October. Kappa became the world champion in Trackmania, followed by a runner-up tween. Team Sampi then took 1st & 2nd at the Trackmania World Championship in Paris, France. Many experts agree that the grand-final was the best match ever in Trackmania history.

December 2018 

The first offline tournament for the FIFA section – GO Malta Open 2018. DiDa & WickyBG travelled to Valletta, Malta to make a name for Sampi. This event will be remembered as the longest marathon of FIFA that both players ever experienced. Competitors had to play since early afternoon until 3 am. Stanislav “WickyBG” Chakarov managed to deal with these conditions exceptionally well and took home silver medal after an incredibly close grand-final match against the home crowd-favorite Brandsha.

After winning the NHL19 World Championship in Las Vegas earlier that year, Erik “EKI” Tammenpaa went into IS Cup 3 (Finnish NHL19 Championship) as the biggest favorite. It wasn´t a surprise that he took the trophy home. The only difficult match that he played was against Pleemaker (who defeated EKI at KSC Cup 2) in the semi-finals but EKI´s skill and experience decided that he would become the Finnish and World Champion in the same year.

February 2019 

Team Sampi partnered with the fast food chain KFC for a special event in the United States. Washington Capitals, the official NHL team, hosted an event in their hockey arena in Washington D.C named Washington Capitals Faceoff. 8 qualified players from Europe, Canada and USA competed for a prizepool of $10.000 and TOP3 would qualify for a showmatch against Tampa Bay Lightning. EKI placed second behind the Canadian Regs84 and qualified himself for the showmatch.

The first ever eSports showmatch played at Capital One Arena during a break of the official real-life NHL hockey game between Washington Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning was seen live on TV by millions of viewers while 20.356 witnessed the show at the arena. EKI, Regs84 and JoshFearless managed to get the win for Washington Capitals in a very solid fashion.

March 2019 

Again, Trackmania section travelled abroad to represent Team Sampi in France. This time, Kappa and tween went to conquer Gaming Winterfest. The streak from Trackmania World Championship continued and they came home undefeated with Kappa taking 1st and tween 2nd place.

Later on, University of Tomas Bata in Zlin invited the world champion Martin “Kappa” Krompolc to their eSports event Lobby 2019 to talk about his career. Kappa had a presentation in which he talked about the road to world championship title and Team Sampi. Full talk can be found HERE.

April 2019 

FIFA section was on fire. Stepan “RIIJK” Sobocki was a new addition to our line-up and he instantly showed his abilities straight away. He won JRC FUT – March Finals and then placed 3rd in iSport League Offline Finals. Both events took place in Prague, Czech Republic.

Then, Stanislav “WickyBG” Chakarov travelled to Poitiers, France to play at Gamers Assembly 2019. He managed to win his group and go through the playoff tree undefeated. The only match that he lost was the grand-final on main stage against Sneaky. WickyBG placed 2nd.

WickyBG was not our only player at the event. The Trackmania duo Kappa & tween participated at their tournament as well. At this point, they were both undefeated (except by each other) since Trackmania World Championship in October 2018. Both were given tremendous chances to win the whole event. Their journey throughout the tournament was smooth and both players managed to get into the grand-final. This time, the victory was claimed by a British player Pac. Nonetheless, we still got two medals as Kappa took silver and tween bronze and kept their TOP2 positions in the Trackmania power-rankings.

May 2019 

NHL Gaming World Championship hosted the Regional Finals as the qualifier for the final event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Players were split in to three regions – Canada, USA and Europe. The Finnish powerhouse EKI played in the European Regional Final in Stockholm, Sweden. TOP2 from this event would then qualify for the Global Finals in the United States. EKI proved the role of big favorite and won the event. That win secured him $5.000 and a chance to defend his world title in Las Vegas.

June 2019 

The Global Final on NHL Gaming World Championship was hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. EKI went there to defend his title from last year. This was the first event where our founder & CEO Jakub Jankto travelled to support the player in person. NHL set the prizepool to $100.000 as the event itself was hosted in the notoriously know Luxor. Unfortunately, this was the first tournament under Team Sampi where EKI was not able to reach the podium and placed 4th after two defeats. One from the American player Johnwayne and second from Canadian player Nuclear. Still, EKI was rewarded with $5.000, which added up to his previous win of $5.000 from the European Regionals.

On June 26th, Team Sampi donated 250.000 CZK (€9.700) to FN Motol Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic. The donation went specifically to children from Hematooncological clinic with blood diseases and cancer. We also purchased some PS4s, XBOXes, TVs, dataprojectors, sports equipment, coffee machine for nurses and much more. We are truly happy for the opportunity to help children in need.

July 2019 

ISPO Digitize 2v2 tournament was hosted in Munich, Germany. Despite having only 3 players in the line-up, we managed to send two teams. The first squad was DiDa & RIIJK, the Czech players. The other team was Bulgarian and consisted of WickyBG & Respol. Respol was in the line-up only for this specific event. More than 200 duos signed up with some Czech first league eSports teams participating as well.

WickyBG & Respol qualified for the play-offs from second place in their group. In TOP16, they faced FC Viktoria Plzen and managed to defeat them 3-2. However, that´s where their tournament journey ended. Turkish players Zafer Maden & Burak Korkut defeated our duo and WickyBG & Respol ended up in TOP8.

RIIJK & DiDa were unstoppable and went through the tournament incredibly smoothly. After a win in their group, they had made it into the grand-final which was played on main stage against Fabian Richter & Sebastian Goldbrunner. The score was 3-3 and the decision had to go to penalties. Unfortunately, the lottery didn´t go in our favour this time and RIIJK & DiDa took second place overall.

August 2019

Last tournament in NHL19 for our players was the Finnish Championship in Helsinki, Finland. Both EKI and Artuzio qualified to the event where the best 16 Finnish players competed for the title. The tournament started solidly for both of our players. Both EKI and Artuzio won their group and headed into the playoff phase. However, in the first playoff match, Artuzio ended up losing a close match against FlyerKungen 2-1. Meaning that he ended up placing in the TOP8. EKI, on the other hand, proved his qualities and made it into the grand-final without a single loss. EKI was still a favorite for the victory, however he lost the decisive match against Kriketsi and ended up as the runner-up.

Jakub Faul – COO

  • “I think that numbers speak for themselves. 20 medals won from European and American offline tournaments, way over €30.000 in prizemoney for the players. We have established ourselves at the very top of the Czech eSports scene. The plan for next year is to get things on another level and attack the Europe´s best organizations. We have been working on a project that most definitely will be the gamechanger. Wait for it, we are just getting started!”