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Sampi part ways with Trackmania

7. November 2019

Trackmania has been part of Team Sampi since the very beginning of our journey in eSports. Today, we officially announce that our most awarded section will no longer continue under our colors. The back-to-back world champion from 2018 & 2019 and currently the best player in the world Martin “Kappa” Krompolc will continue racing under Sauber F1. Marek “tween” Pacher, who won the first ever trophy for Team Sampi at Giant Cup Paris last year and became the runner up at the world championship 2018, becomes a free agent.

Statement of Jakub Jankto, Sampi CEO

“Big thanks both Kappa and tween for what they have done for Sampi. In 2 years, Martin became twice the world champion. I am happy that he got an offer he deserved for his tremendous achievements, especially when it came from an organization that is sponsored by Formula 1 team Sauber. To get into a team like that is a dream for every player. We scouted Kappa, raised him to be the back-to-back world champion and motivated him to push his limits and work hard. The result is a transfer such as this one. Here, he would not progressed any further so this step was only logical. I would also want to thank tween. He won our first trophy at Giant Cup and became the second best player of 2018 behind Kappa. Both players deserve a hell of respect for what they have achieved in their careers. In Trackmania, Sampi was on the very top and could not get any further, our players were the TOP2 in the world. The only pitty was that we did not make it to Zerator Cup. From now on, we want to focus on different game titles and to prove that we belong to the TOP as we proved in Trackmania.”

In late 2018 and in the first half of 2019, Kappa and tween were known as the Dominant Duo in the community. After tween had won the first ever title for Team Sampi at Giant Cup, they had finished first and second at the world championship and then did the same at Gaming Winterfest. In April 2019, they went to Poitiers, France to play Gamers Assembly where they both ended up on the podium, this time however, on second and third place.

Marek “tween” Pacher had an opportunity to be one of the first eSports players to play a tournament on a flying airplane. Air France Trackmania Cup was definitely an unforgetbale experience and we are really proud that Team Sampi was the team he represented at such historic event.

Last weekend, Kappa made history when he became the back-to-back world champion by winning the Trackmania Grand League at Paris Games Week. At that point, it was only a matter of time until an organization with bigger possibilities than Team Sampi will offer him a contract. We are more than happy for Kappa that his Trackmania career will continue under an organization like Sauber F1 and he can become even greater player than he already is.

Statement of Martin “Kappa” Krompolc

“I’m very thankful for all the great support I got from Team Sampi. I was a part of the team just roughly over a year, but we achieved many great things I will always remember! I’m quite upset at the moment but it’s time to move on for both sides. I wish Team Sampi all the best for the future.”

Statement of Marek “tween” Pacher 

“Being invited to Team Sampi has brought me to another level of motivation over the past year. It got kickstarted with my favorite autumn in the game ever, when I won Giant Cup and got second behind my teammate Kappa at the World Championship. That alone made my confidence sky-rocket and I can never be thankful enough to Jakub Jankto for putting so much trust in me. I would also like to thank Jakub Faul for tailoring things to our needs, and to all my teammates, especially Kappa, who is no less than an inspiration to me in the game. I will remember my stay with Sampi very fondly.”

One journey ends, another begins. We are forever thankful to Kappa and tween for truly an amazing representation of Team Sampi and all the memories we have had together. We wish them the best in their careers and real lives. Thank you for everything guys, you are legends!