Players talk about FIFA20

8. October 2019

The new FIFA20 has been out for more than 2 weeks now. How do our four players enjoy playing it? What do they struggle with the most and what do they like the most about it? How many hours did they play and how do their FIFA Ultimate Teams looks like? Check out this interview to find out!

Q1: How do you like FIFA20 so far? Rate is 1-10 (10 best)

WickyBG: “Well, the game is really good, but only when the connection is good. Unfortunately I have so huge delay in FUT CHAMPIONS and Division Rivals. When the connections is good I would give 8/10, but when there is massive delay 1/10.”

Poacher: “Overall it’s a 6/10 for me mainly due to the inconsistencies in gameplay. If the gameplay was like draft across all modes it would be a 9/10.”

DiDa: “I must say that I like it a lot and would give it an 8/10. There are few things that need to get fixed but hopefully a patch will make it okay.”

Riijk: “Hard to say after such a short time, however I rated FIFA19 by 2/10 so the new game gets 6/10. If they fix things that needs it, I would obviously rate it higher.”

Q2: Which change affects you the most? 

WickyBG: “There are a lot of changes compared to FIFA 19. I like that now the defending is more manual and there are not glitches.”

Poacher: “For me it’s the differences in gameplay. Draft, rivals and friendly seasons all have different gameplay so it makes it more difficult to practice for upcoming events.”

DiDa: “I think that I speak for many players – game speed is way slower and it fits me perfectly.”

Riijk: “Possibility to defend like in real football instead of defending glitches that people used in 19.”

Q3: What are your thoughts on changed game speed?

WickyBG: “I don’t like the game speed, many pro players (including me) think that it should be faster.”

Poacher: “I feel like I’ve adapted well to it but I would much prefer it be faster. It would make it more fun to play and watch.”

DiDa: “Slow game speed is super, I feel more football out of it. This edition is really well done.”

Riijk: “I do not like it. The slower the game, the smaller the skillgap.”

Q4: One thing that you like and dislike the most?

WickyBG: “I like the defending, I don’t like the connection.”

Poacher: “I really like the new finishing. Last year you basically had to time all your shots and this year you don’t have to worry about that. It’s so much more satisfying scoring a goal without it. I’m really not a fan of the inconsistent gameplay across the modes. It’s been in the game for years and its a real pain. Needs to be fixed.”

DiDa: “This will be passes. My players fail most of them.”

Riijk: “I like the football feeling and dislike game speed.”

Q5: How many hours did you spend playing since the game was released?

WickyBG: “I played a lot, dont have exact numbers, but right now is the time when you have to play a lot in order to learn the game as fast as possible.”

Poacher: “I don’t know the specific amount but it has to be alot. I play for a long time everyday and I’ve already played close to 300 games on fut.”

DiDa: “I try to play 5-7 hours every single day.”

Riijk: “Really a lot. This weekend, I managed to WL also on XBOX which I´ve never managed to do before.”

Q6: Do you already have any of the new icons?

WickyBG: “I don’t have new icons in my team, but there is something funny. I already packed 2 icons and both of them are new icons – Koeman and Sanchez.”

Poacher: “I don’t unfortunately but I’ve used some in draft and Pirlo is suprisingly really good! Usually players like him aren’t usuable due to his pace, height and strength but hes great..”

DiDa: “Unfortunately, I do not have any icons.”

Riijk: “I bought the cheapest icon in the game Okocha 85 but I will probably sell him soon.”

Q7: What have you been up to lately? Where can people follow you?

WickyBG: “I am uploading pretty often videos on my YouTube channel and also making streams. For latest updates (posts, pictures) people can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Poacher: “I’ve been playing Fifa mostly because the start of the new game is always a grind. Follow my Twitter @Poacherrrr.

DiDa: “Me and Riijk will be at FORGAMES where we will be playing Sampi eClub Challenge. We also play iSport League which is ongoing and we will play newly formed Datart e:League.”

Riijk: “Qualifiers for ESL tournament officially hosted by PlayStation will start soon. Another iSport League is ongoing so if I manage to qualify for the offline finals, I will show up there.”