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Team Sampi welcomes CS:GO

23. January 2020

Team Sampi presents FULL-TIME Counter Strike: Global Offensive team, the first ever team section ever to represent our colors. A long anticipated move finally came and we are proud to announce our new line-up of well experienced and high-aiming players. Fraged, wEAMO, desty and Pechyn have already been playing together for a long time in eXtatus as their biggest achievement was victory in Czech & Slovak National Championship (MČR). Valencio, as an upcoming player, is the only new addition to their championship line-up.

Jakub Jankto, owner of Sampi

“To our sports titles, we decided to add one of the most popular games in the world. For a long time, we were considering which CS:GO team to pick and we were even considering foreign team. However, this team was the best solution for us, we want to with young, Czech players. After eXtatus disbanded, this team was without a contract and we chose to partner with them. We believe that these guys will perform even better than in the past with our support. We want to be the best in the Czech Republic, as well as attend the world´s biggest tournaments and challenge the very best organizations.”

Peter “wEAMO” Rauch, CS:GO player

“After our MČR victory, we were waiting for offers from various organizations. A few came but none of them was good enough for us. So we waited a bit more and we did not really know what was about to come. It was a time of a huge shuffle on CZ/SK scene and creating a brand new organization also came into consideration. Then, a really interesting offer came from Team Sampi and we had to make a decision as a team. Only 4 players from MČR line-up were left in our squad and „luko“ was replaced by Valencio. In the end, it is only a minimal change of our rifler and I must say that I am really glad for it. Game-wise, basically nothing changes for us and I believe that team spirit will be higher with Valencio. I would like to thank Sampi management for their trust in us. This season, a few teams in CZ/SK got professional offers from different organizations which was unthinkable last year. Now, it is only up to us players to make it worth. I hope that we will all show our capabilities.”

wEAMO, Fraged, desty, Pechyn victorious in MČR 2019 (eXtatus)

Dominik “Fraged” Herz, CS:GO player

“After a victory at MČR, we received a lot of interesting offers but none of them was matching our expectations. I am very happy that Sampi reached out to us. They will provide us with the best conditions in the Czech Republic and I hope that we will move up as a team and also as individuals because now we can play CS:GO full-time.”


Dominik “Fraged” Herz (CZE)

Dominik “desty” Černý (CZE)

Vojtěch “Valencio” Mydlář (CZE)

Martin “Pechyn” Pechoušek (CZE)

Peter “wEAMO” Rauch (SVK)