LoLTeam Sampi

Team Sampi welcomes LoL

25. January 2020

After announcing our CS:GO team just two days ago, Team Sampi presents a League of Legends squad. The team will consist of Dreedy, Lipanek, Dread, Rufus, Ordno and Charca who all belong to the top in the Czech Republic and will be managed by Jiri Kalab, an experienced LoL manager. The team has been formed quite a while ago under a different name and has already been qualified for Hitpoint Masters, the biggest local LoL league which offers 2 slots for EU Masters at the end of the season.

Jakub Jankto, owner of Team Sampi

“A few days after CS:GO, we announce also LoL. It is our second team section which we have the biggest possible expectations for. The competition is tough though. The team is young and talented, however we know that player still have room to get better. We will do maximum to help them. I believe that the team will be compact and can become the number one in the Czech Republic.”

Jiri  Kalab, team manager

“We appreciate the offer from Team Sampi. The conditions that they will provide us with can not be refused, especially here in the Czech Republic. Despite having offers from foreign organizations, we put trust in Sampi as well as they put their trust into us. Our goal is more than clear – get into EU Masters and make it as far as possible in the prestigious league! In the first phase of qualififer for Hitpoint Masters, there was this problem with synergy on bot and in Kadevar´s performance which was not good enough. Therefore, we were forced to make a change on ADC for closed qualifier. This was, for some, unexpected swap but Ordno will move from mid to ADC. We all hope that he will adapt to his new spot quickly. He is a fast learner and he has good knowledge about the game. Together with Rufus (support), they will form the smartest botline in the league. We also have a player on the bench – Charca who is ready to jump into the game at any time and prove himself for the main team. Also, after a successful split in Portugal, Dreedy makes his return to Czech Republic. These players will be joined by Dread (mid) and Lipanek (jungle). The players already started practicing together. We are waiting for our opponents in Hitpoint Masters to be announced and then, it will be time to crown a new champion!”

Vaclav “Lipanek” Maxa, team leader

“We are glad that Sampi put their trust into us. Everything happened quite quickly because of Hitpoint Masters but in the end, it is all good. We are looking forward to the first play-week on Sunday when we will play our first two matches under Sampi. We have the biggest goals – to win the league and qualify for EU Masters where we would like to make a first solid result by a Czech team.”


Jakub “Dreedy” Viceník (CZE)

Vaclav “Lipanek” Maxa (CZE)

Jan “Dread” Hrbac (CZE)

Tibor “Charca” Charcenko (CZE)

Radovan “Rufus” Moravec (CZE)

Ondrej “Ordno” Prachar (CZE)