WickyBG takes 2nd at Gamers Assembly

23. April 2019

Our Bulgarian FIFA19 player, Stanislav ‘’WickyBG’’ Chakarov, was once again able to leave the event with a medal around his neck. This time, similar to GO Malta 2018, he finished 2nd out of 75 players who had signed up.

Heading into the event, ‘’WickyBG’’ had the objective of leaving Poitiers, France as the champion. The group stage started off in solid fashion and the Sampi player was able to get 6 wins and 2 draws. This placed him 1st in his group, and he had a spot in the playoffs. However, all the upcoming matches would be played in a single elimination bracket. One loss and ‘’WickyBG’’ would be out.

Stanislav ‘’WickyBG’’ Chakarov started Day 2 like he finished Day 1. He defeated his opponent Raiden 2-0 in his first playoff match and secured himself a placement among the TOP 16. The story continued on the same track, and ‘’WickyBG’’ defeated the next opponent Xenos08 4-1. The fight for semi-final was against a very tough opponent from G-Squad – Clutch. “WickyBG” was able to win 1-0 and move into the next phase. The semi-final game against Modrick from inFuroa eSport went also well and made Modrick rage quit before the final whistle blew. Heading into the grand final Stanislav ‘’WickyBG’’ Chakarov had yet to lose a match.

The grand final of the FIFA19 event was played against ‘’Sneaky’’ from LOSC. A final that took place on the main stage of Gamers Assembly. The viewers in attendance and fans who followed the stream got to see a close and exciting match. Sadly for ‘’WickyBG’’ he ended up getting the short end of the stick this time and lost the series 0-2. 

Statement from Stanislav ‘’WickyBG’’ Chakarov:

“I am happy but also disappointed with the result. 2nd place is really good, especially when the level is that high. But as always, I want to win the tournament and leave with the trophy. The format was fine, but it could’ve been better if there was a loser bracket. I would like to see at least 5 minutes break after every single game. But I would still like to attend Gamers Assembly again. Thanks for the amazing support from my fans, especially the Bulgarians. Also thanks to my team, Sampi, they’re great!”