Team Sampi

3 games in 33 minutes? Everything is possible for our Dota players

31. March 2020

On Sunday, March 29th, our Dota players showed excellent performance in qualification to spring split of Sazka eLeague.

They completely dominated their group and with a score of 3:0 left the other teams far behind. The team under best Czech player, SabeRLight, managed to show one unbelievable achievement.

“Sunday’s qualification went exactly as we imagined, so our result 3:0 doesn’t amaze us in any way. What we consider as a pretty solid success is the fact, that we’ve won all 3 games altogether in only a 33 minutes. We will try to cut this time down for the finale,” says about incredible time Jonáš “SabeRLight” Volek. At the beginning of the qualification, he anticipated it to be easy walk in a park. And it seems, that his words are, in fact, coming true.

Together with Sampi, teams Brute, Dogshit and Nabíhači made it through qualification. Another four teams will advance after matches on Sunday, April 5th. All eight advancing teams will face each other in BO1 matches each Saturday, staring April 11th. Finale will take place on June 13th and 14th, and six teams will fight for the first place and its prize, 50,000 CZK.

On behalf of the whole organization, we believe that we have the best team in country, whose performance will gradually escalate and win the title in the end. #SMPWIN 💙

Our DotA 1 line-up:

Jonáš “SabeRLight” Volek

Ondřej “Supream” Štarha

Petr “muf” Fojtík

Jan “sehny” Sehnal

Pavel “Mambos” Beneš