CS:GO team: Top 16 in LOOT.BET

1. April 2020

Esports bookmaker LOOT.BET started the sixth season of its Counter-Strike tournament, in which twenty world best teams will fight for the prize pool of 50,000 USD. And qualification for one slot took place this Monday. Although our team didn’t get it, they showed an impressive performance.

More than 500 professional tier2 teams met in the qualifiers, so the competition was really strong. Our team managed to get among the best sixteen, but in the next match, they lost to the Ukrainian team CR4ZY. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of because this team got to the very end of the qualification. There they lost the slot into the league against team BlueJays.

Team coach, Jaroslav “Sank1” Chlumský, commented on the matches:

“After unsuccessful qualification for the Tipsport COOL League, we immediately started to work on our weak spots, which we showed on the server, to make sure it won’t happen again. Unfortunately, we still wait for the beginning of the season and its official matches, so the process has narrowed to individual preparation and unofficial training. Therefore, when we got the opportunity to play in the qualification for LOOT.BET CUP Season 6, with more than 500 teams from Europe, we did not hesitate to register.

We were doing great in the first duel and left the ‘dust2’ map with victory and a score of 16:6. After that, we fought at the ‘train’ map twice. Due to our own mistakes, we dramatized the matches up to 16:4 and 16:13. We came back to the ‘dust2’ map, and, to my taste, went through it pretty easily against Bulgarian team MKBpro. Especially as Terrorists, we didn’t give our opponent any chance, and left with a score of 16:6. Thanks to this victory, we made it to the TOP 16, where the Ukrainian team CR4ZY waited for us.

We are well familiarized with this opponent and have been training against them for some time. We faced each other at the ‘Overpass’ map, which we recently added in our active map pool. We started the match with 6:0, but the opponent slowed down, which didn’t fit our play style. After changing sides, CR4ZY did great as Counter-Terrorists, and we had to bow down to their 16:10. I think our overall game performance was pretty good, and I am glad that we’ve shown, that we can play against foreign teams.”