Hitpoint Masters: We’ve got bronze

30. March 2020

From the fight for the third place in the Hitpoint Masters, our players left with a clean victory of 3:0 and showed us the performance that we wanted to see.

In addition to bronze, they have secured a place in the summer split. And with that, a chance to advance to the summer European Masters. Till then, the team will see some changes. Team Sampi decided to part ways with the team’s coach, Michal “Bronko” Šembera.

After last week’s failure, our team took a few days off. Instead of training, they took time to analyze their opponent for the final series, Inside Games. What they’ve learned was more than worthwhile, because in all three games played, our players performed amazingly from the start to an end.

In all matches, players had great individual performances from the early game, and they worked well in the team too. On the first map, they managed to get almost all of the objectives, and after winning a team fight, they ended the game at 30:29.

In the second match, our players managed to wipe out all of the enemy team in the fight for dragon. They went for Baron with ease and started to dig into the enemy base. Inside Games became nervous and tried to get another dragon. As they were all dying, our minions, or more likely winions, took care of the base and won the second match.

In the third match, Dread with his LeBlanc (9/0/7) got a pentakill in the 17th minute. Just a moment later, our team got into the enemy base, and at 21:26 won the bronze.

“I loved playing in the Team Sampi at the beginning. Rufus taught us his experience, and we tried to use it in matches,“ remembers the beginning of the team Jan “Dread” Hrbáč. “Unfortunately, the atmosphere got thicker, and because of that, we lost some matches. This resulted in Rufus leaving and Lipánek getting benched. It was much calmer with Vinxen and Vasked, but it still didn’t bring us victory in the semi-final against Cyber Gaming.

Today’s games were more laid-back. We didn’t train at all, but we all wanted to win and at least get the bronze medal. At last, we showed that we were better, so we played Inside Games both individually and as a team.”

On behalf of the whole organization, we thank all the fans for their support and trust. #SMPWIN 💙