Entropiq Charity Cup: Seron takes second place!

27. March 2020

Yesterday, on March 26th, Entropiq Charity Cup, an online charity tournament in FIFA 20 took place. It featured five of the best Czech virtual footballers, and one of them was our player Dominik “Seron” Čermák. This time, it wasn’t about winning, but about supporting a good cause. The goal of the tournament was to raise money to support the infectious, parasitic, and tropical diseases department of Nemocnice Na Bulovce.

The event was hosted by esport team Entropiq and thanks to its partners, Tipsport, McDonald’s, and Fine Gusto, it guaranteed a donation of 120,000 CZK. During the matches, donations to Twitch and the amount sent to a transparent account managed to raise another 55,987 CZK. An additional 20,000 CZK was sent to the account overnight.

“I played very well in today’s charity cup, with few exceptions – RIIJK and Laky. I had the biggest problem with RIIJK, because I got a red card in about 30 minutes, and it was hard to play against an opponent with only ten players,” Seron said. He left the first four games with one loss and a draw. He got a draw from the match with T9Laky, with who he advanced to the grandfinale.

“In the finale with Laky, I think I read the opponent well in the first match. I just lost due to the penalties, which are always 50/50. I was losing the second game soon and had no chance of winning. Otherwise, I played well, and I think I did pretty good with Eme and Dalas.

The event was great, we all enjoyed it, and were happy to help Nemocnice Na Bulovce fighting with COVID-19.”

On behalf of Sampi, we thank everyone who has watched the match and donated any amount 💙.