Double win in FIFA weekend league: Seron and WickyBG got 30:0

25. March 2020

Our FIFA section celebrated great success this weekend. Two of our players got a clean score 30:0 from the weekend league and placed in the world Top 100.

This month, Dominik “Seron” Čermák got into the world elite for the second time. First time, it was two weeks ago, when he fought his way to the 40th place. Without a single loss, he placed 77th this weekend. “I’m glad I managed to score 30:0 twice in March. I’m also glad that I’m able to make it through mentally challenging matches when everything is decided in the last minutes. I would like to keep this form in the future and always hit the 30:0,” told us Seron. Thanks to his skill points and double invincibility, he currently holds a beautiful 68th place.

Our second undefeated player is Stanislav “WickyBG” Chakarov. He became a professional FIFA player in the year 2009 and just two years later held the title of the sixth-best player in the world. “30:0 is the best possible result in the weekend league, and I’m so happy about it. I always aim for 30 wins, but I was unlucky lately and ended up with a score of 29:1 most of the time. I finally changed that and am back on top,” commented his winning weekend.