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Kappa becomes World Champion in Trackmania

4. November 2019

Team Sampi player Martin “Kappa” Krompolc made history as he became the back-to-back World Champion in Trackmania 2: Stadium. Coming to Paris as the defending champion from last year, Kappa was the betting favorite to win this year again. He proved the bookmakers right as he held the trophy over his head once again. This achievement puts Kappa amongst the most successful eSport players in the Czech Republic ever to play video games and on the first place in world’s Trackmania power rankings.

This year, the championship was named Trackmania Grand League. The tournament started way back in February 2019. The best 16 players advanced to play-offs and only 4 made it to the Grand Final which was played at Paris Games Week on Ubisoft main stage. The players were Kappa, Papou, Pac and Bren. The whole final match was pretty close until Kappa started to push it to the limits and gained a slight lead over his opponents when he was at the 100 point mark. He became the only finalist with 120 points while Pac was on 110, Papou on 99 and Bren on 96. The pressure was enormously high and Kappa did not win the next 2 rounds, however he managed to win his 3rd finalist attempt and become the back-to-back World Champion.

Statement of Martin “Kappa” Krompolc

“The season has come to an end and I’m super happy I fulfilled the goals I had had since the beginning. Despite looking relatively weak during the league phase, I knew I would be on point for the phase that mattered the most. The LAN event itself this time hosted only the very last match which was quite unusual so I also had to adapt my preparation process to that in order to be on the top level from the first minute. However, I couldn’t find the groove in the first part of the match and was constantly behind the leader more than 10 points. This time it took me 3 maps to unveal the strongest version of myself and since then I started creating a comfortable lead over the other three players. I finished it off on one of the maps that had been scaring me the most throughout the whole season. That’s something I’m especially proud of!”