Sampi podcast: WickyBG

23. March 2019

This week, Team Sampi has released the first episode of our podcast series. A series where you, as a fan, can get to know the players Team Sampi employs. The first player to join the podcast was the decorated FIFA player and Youtuber – Stanislav ‘’WickyBG’’ Chakarov from Bulgaria.

Stanislav started playing FIFA nearly 20 years ago when he was 6 years old. Since then he has played every version of the game and kept enjoying the gameplay FIFA offers.

In 2009, 10 years into his career, he moved into the competitive scene of FIFA. Now, the opponents were people from the online scene and not the computer. It did not take him long until he proved what talent he has for this game.

Already at his first offline event at the Bulgarian Championship, Stanislav ‘’WickyBG’’ Chakarov placed 3rd. The year after, Stanislav was the youngest out of the three players representing Bulgaria at the European Championship 2010. An event which the Bulgarians ended up winning. WickyBG only lost one game throughout the whole event and was given the Most Valuable Player award.  

Top 6 at the World Championship in 2011

In 2011 WickyBG traveled to South Korea after qualifying to the World Cyber Games in hope of becoming the world champion. After a solid season leading up to the Championship, he was viewed as one of the favorites. In the end, the Bulgarian player finished 6th and left the event with mixed feelings.

‘’To be honest I am a bit disappointed. Because I had a lot of achievements during the whole year. The world championship was at the end of the year, in December. Before that, I had participated in many online tournaments. I made a record in the ZOTAC cup that was every Sunday. I won that tournament 23 times. I knew I had the skills to win. But at the same time, TOP 6 in the world is still pretty good.’’

– Stanislav ‘’wickyBG’’ Chakarov

If you want to hear more about Stanislav ‘’WickyBG’’ Chakarov’s long history, make sure to check out the podcast. We touched on topics such as the World Championship in 2011, 2013 & 2015, joining Team Sampi, FIFA as an eSport title and the upcoming Gamers Assembly 2019 which is the next offline event for our Bulgarian powerhouse.

Podcast & text by Eirik Holdal