Sampi signs former AS Roma & Fnatic player Poacher

16. August 2019

We’re happy to announce that Team Sampi has signed the British eSports star Sam ‘’Poacher’’ Carmody to the FIFA line-up. The former Fnatic and AS Roma player will from now-on play under the Sampi colors in the upcoming events. How does Poacher feel about joining us and what goals does he have for 2020?

Sam ‘’Poacher’’ Carmody is a competitive FIFA player from the United Kingdom. The 20-year old, who started playing when he was 4, has a long history within the game despite his young age. Starting his competitive career in FIFA15 with the Play Like a Legend: Season 3. A tournament where the British played ended up placing second. 

In 2017, he became one of the first three FIFA signings to AS Roma. The world-known Italian football club which had partnered up with the eSports giant Fnatic to form a FIFA line-up. 

The XBOX player is now ready to enter a new stage of his career under wings of Team Sampi.

Hello Sam and welcome to the team! For our fans, who might not know you, could you briefly introduce yourself?

‘’Hey! My name’s Sam, also known as Poacher and I am a FIFA player. One thing you need to know about me is that I like skills and I try to score the nicest goals within my gameplay.’’

How does it feel to join Team Sampi?

‘’It feels great to be apart of a team again. Team Sampi has a lot offer so I’m looking forward to that and to be apart of there growth.’’

What was the reason behind you joining the organization?

‘’They are an upcoming org with a lot of potentials and I want to be apart of their growth.’’

You have played in a Roma Fnatic back in 2017 to 2018. How would you describe your stay there?

‘’It was a great time being apart of them, I had a lot of opportunities including traveling the world, which was amazing. I learned a lot of lessons from playing with them and I think that’s the best thing that came from that.’’

Team Sampi has had a lot of success since being established. Do you have your eyes on any trophy or a goal you want to achieve within the next year?

‘’Most people have a goal for a trophy, but for me, the goal is to just do the best I can and play the best I can and see where that takes me, that’s all I can ask for from myself.’’

We already have three other FIFA players in our line-up. Have you played any of them?

‘’I don’t think I’ve played any of them actually which is surprising. But I’ll be looking forward to seeing how good they are and hopefully learn something.’’

We have successful players in both NHL and TrackMania as well, with former and current world champions in the line-up. If you were to play one of those games, which would it be?

‘’Oh it has to be NHL. I used to play NHL all the time as a kid, I was so good at it.’’

Follow Sam “Poacher” Carmody on Twitter @Poacherrrr