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Two Trackmania medals from Gamers Assembly

24. April 2019

A successful weekend for our two TrackMania players is over. The streak of Team Sampi collecting medals at offline events continued. Martin ‘’Kappa’’ Krompolc took 2nd and Marek ‘’tween’’ Pacher took 3rd in TrackMania² Stadium Tech event.

Heading into the TrackMania event, both of the Team Sampi players were viewed as top contenders for the victory. Marek ‘’tween’’ Pacher made history in 2014 when he became the first international player to win it. Martin ‘’Kappa’’ Krompolc won the event in 2017, as well as being in the grand final the last three years.

The time attack seeding started off well for the 2017-champion, and he finished 2nd. Marek ‘’tween’’ Pacher had a less solid start to the event with finishing 19th in the seeding. Nevertheless, both players won their three first matches without any problems and qualified for the winner bracket semi-final.

The winner bracket semi-final ‘’Kappa’’ and ‘’tween’’ faced off against last years bronze medal winner, OmnipotZ. Both of our players managed to claim the two advancing slots, and advanced into the winner bracket final. Facing off against the defending Gamers Assembly champion, Thomas ‘’Pac’’ Cole, as well as the 3rd place finisher at Gaming WinterFest 2019, Rick ‘’Dutchy’’ Jaspers. The defending champion won the match-up, with ‘’Kappa’’ taking 2nd.

Marek ‘’tween’’ Pacher now had one decisive match coming up in the consolidation final. Finishing top 2 here would mean a spot in the grand final. Finishing 3rd or 4th would mean the end of his tournament run. The Slovakian player proved to be the strongest and showed people that he deserved a spot in the grand final. This being his 4th event for Team Sampi and 4th time in a grand final.

Martin ‘’Kappa’’ Krompolc who now had made it into his 4th grand final in a row at Gamers Assembly, and tieing the record for the most amount of times in the grand final, looked to win his third offline event in a row.

In the grand final, the defending champion Thomas ‘’Pac’’ Cole proved to be the strongest and took home the title in front of our players. 

Statement from Marek “tween” Pacher

“GA 2019 has been an important event for me. I met a Sampi player from a different game (WickyBG) for the first time, which was a pleasant experience. As for my performance, I managed to steadily improve going through the tournament, with displaying my best in the consolation final. However, the final itself was a bit shaky on my part, but still resulted in a bronze medal, with which I am satisfied.”